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Review keys policy

We don't have any embargoes. Always! If you received a review key, you can turn on Twitch broadcast and start streaming as soon as the game is installed.

The preferred way to request keys for review is through the KeyMailer website. An alternative way is via email.

If you are requesting a review key via email, always include the desired console and the region your console belongs to.

Review keys are for your personal use only. Resale of keys is strictly prohibited.

We send a key for one console platform to one influencer. If you have consoles from different generations (PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4; Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One), we recommend that you apply for a key for the newest console (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S).

If more than one platform is selected on KeyMailer - we will determine which key will be sent (depending on which amount of keys are still available for every console).